More effective.

More stable.

More effective and stable than the old system.

Paper and human error are a thing of the past.

Deducted administrative work by half.

Well on its way to a 100% digital field service.

Van der Tol

Van der Tol’s climate-proof ECOcity is greener, healthier and more liveable. Green solutions promote biodiversity, make effective use of (rain) water, combat urban warming and improve the indoor climate. The organisation, with 150 employees, works on this on a daily basis.

Olivier Copijn
Managing director

“The challenge for Van der Tol, now and in the coming years, is to work efficiently. Our field staff have to communicate a lot with our clients, and we have to organise this digitally. The first thing we have tackled is time registration. BizzStream offers us a great standard platform for this.

Digitisation plays an important role in the efficient structuring of our processes. Internally we are well on our way, externally there are still a lot of steps to take. We have therefore set the goal for ourselves of having the field service work take place 100% digitally in the coming years.”

I open BizzStream on my tablet and it displays my own data right away, and from there I can immediately look up the appropriate projects. Everything goes much faster.

“BizzStream can do much more than our old registration software. The old environment was very complex and you had to have a lot of knowledge to be able to manage it.

The employees can now work much more easily and faster. Submitting is something that only needs to be done once a week. This is an advantage compared to the old system where it had to be done on a daily basis. It is also great when you see someone of who you know has no affinity with computers getting very enthusiastic about it.

The reason why the end users have adopted the software is that it is low-threshold and easy to use. It is also stable and always works. The administration for field staff should actually be completely paperless. BizzStream makes this possible and you can automate the entire workplace.”

Peter Petiet
ICT administrator

Arian Janse

“The old method was not very handy. It was just a lot of paperwork, for us but also for the company. Things also regularly got lost, with the result that you were called back. If you were lucky it was a day later, but sometimes it was after a month. That caused a lot of friction and you had to try to remember what you were working on.”

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