In simplicity.

Complexity in organisations

As an organisation grows, so does its need for structure. In a certain sense, that structure is always present – but it often grows seamlessly in a smaller organisation. Lines of communication are short, and collaboration between a (relatively) small group of people makes it possible to achieve significant transparency.

The Lean Startup clearly explains that this ‘free-form’ type of organisation no longer suffices once an organisation reaches a certain size. The book goes on to explain how that structure can be defined flexibly from that point. Various sources have described the different stages of growth that an organisation goes through. ScaleUpCompany, nlgroeit, and Graydon all describe five stages of growth that a company can be in, and each of those stages demands its own strategy. One of the essential points here is that a larger workforce leads to greater complexity, since more people have to work together to achieve the company objectives. Every person added to the organisation leads to exponential growth in the potential channels of communication.

Modelling processes in BizzStream

To ensure that these communication channels or processes all go smoothly, it is advisable to keep good track of them… Or, better yet: automate them. Obviously, people will always be an essential part of any organisation. However, the right tooling can provide great support for the work that people are doing, saving room and money. When standardised tasks, like weekly timekeeping, are automated, it leaves time to address more challenging issues. With BizzStream, processes can be automated fairly easily. All the required data types and associated actions can be defined in the platform. Visualisations can then be produced based on those definitions. BizzStream can be accessed via a web application and a mobile app, ensuring that end users have access to the latest data on their work process anywhere, anytime. In addition to the basic functionality for modelling processes and process visualisations, BizzStream also offers advanced functions for implementing more in-depth automation. This combination of functionalities makes it possible for users to incorporate almost any process into BizzStream.

Strength in simplicity

The aim of our platform is instantly clearly: making things as easy as possible for organisations. We want to empower everyone to add as much value as they can. Significant process automation can ensure more structured communication within the company, leading to more efficiency. Why make it any harder than it has to be?


Name:Marc van den Hurk

Function:Product owner



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