The evolution

of software.

Throughout the course of history, we have created technologies to enable access for everyone to formerly known inaccessible mediums. We learned that when more people use certain mediums, and the easier we make them to use, innovation and creativity skyrockets.

An example is the evolution of publishing books. What was formerly only possible through hand got a lot easier with the first printing press in 1440. For the first time, people and companies were able to mass-produce books. This invention evolved further into what we know today; anyone can write and print a book from their computers. This results in enormous growth in intellect and knowledge of the world.

The same goes for the music industry where in the past you needed a network of people, and investments inexpensive recording equipment in order to create and share songs. Nowadays anyone can create music with recording software on your home computer with affordable equipment. This evolution enabled the way we listen to our favorite tunes today through Spotify and Youtube, making it one of the biggest industries of the world.

Lastly, the way we produce movies has drastically changed as well. In the past creating movies and videos was only available to the ones that had the money for it. Nowadays, young aspiring moviemakers take their affordable equipment and start sharing their ideas with the world. Something as small as a smartphone can do the trick. This leads to knowledge of otherwise unknown political issues in the world, or it inspires young people who want to make their visions a reality. Unleashing the next Steve Jobs.

It’s safe to say that making mediums accessible to anyone, and easy to use, has an enormous impact on the world and its economy.

The evolution of software

Lowcode and nocode platforms continue this evolution. Today we see software development as something that is only available to the ones that learned how to write code. With lowcode and nocode the barrier for entry has been eliminated, making software development accessible for anyone. The potential of this change we can guess from the examples above. We have the potential in hands to drive innovation and creativity to heights we have never experienced before.

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